Axevia’s Business areas

Business areas where professional support will be provided by Axevia AB and its associates. The business pillars are:

Search for in-licensing, co-promotion and co-marketing opportunities of healthcare products in Europe or Asia in order to supplement your portfolio.
 We also find potential out-licensing partners according to your business strategy as well as potential partners for your product or product line divestment.

Acquisition and Divestment
We advise you and search inside /outside our network for potential new business- or exit- partners and we lead or support the process of buying or selling small and medium sized companies.

Merger Integration
Support Axevia AB supports you during the post-merger integration phase with multiple experiences in professional integration of organizations. This critical period will often determine the future success or failure of your investment.

Strategic Projects
Axevia AB evaluates new business ideas and their strategic options and develops a business strategy and recommendation for the management to make justified and solid investment decisions.

Interim Management
Interim management plays an increasingly important role by providing management capacity for a limited period of time. Especially small/medium-sized companies and Private Equity companies can benefit from this when investing in new projects. Often the projects are out of scope of the normal business. Interim managers are focused on success without any pre-judgment. They know how to deal with multiplicity of changes that have to be initiated and managed simultaneously.